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  • Jewish Heritage Tour of Spain & Portugal

  • September 8-19, 2019
  • Starting from $3999
  • For Jewish Singles
  • Pre-Trip: Barcelona Post-Tour
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Uncover Jewish heritage and deep rooted history within Spain and Portugal as you journey through these two fascinating countries.  Our guides will weave the history of our people who, for centuries, made Spain and Portugal their home.  You’ll discover the most important cities and the history and culture in Spain & Portugal while visiting all of the must-sees in these two exciting countries. Our Jewish Heritage tour will highlight centers of centuries old traditions, stories of the rich Jewish legacy of the region, visits to synagogues, Jewish districts and landmarks. We will visit the small, picturesque city of Segovia where you can admire the famous Aquaducts and the large city of Madrid where we will visit the Royal Palace and Royal Theater. Enjoy a day in the city of Toledo, once at the forefront of Jewish life in Spain. Take the High-Speed Train to Sevilla and spend time in Cordoba, the birthplace of Maimonides. Taste tapas, experience a flamenco show, take in the iconic architecture and see a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites on this amazing trip. Take a look at the Itinerary tab to see a more comprehensive list of the incredible things you will see and experiences you will enjoy.

Want to enrich your experience even more? Join our post-trip to Barcelona where you will take in all that this city is famous for including the colorful architecture of Antonio Gaudi, the sights and sounds of Las Ramblas, and a visit to the fascinating and Jewishly impactful city of Girona.

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