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Unusual Fun Facts About Traveling

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

Its the holiday season so time to perk up!  Have a little fun!  Laugh and bring cheer!

So, we searched high and low for some of the most unique, unusual, and unknown fun facts about parts around the world.   Here are our Top 10!  Be prepared to “LOL”.

10. An unbelievable amount of 250 people have fallen from the Leaning Tower of Pisa

9. There are over 5 million parts in a single 747 aircraft.






8. Dying is illegal in Britain’s House of Parliament

7. What is known as a “French Kiss” in England is known as an “English Kiss” in France.

6. In 1987, American Airlines eliminated one olive from each salad served in first class. This saved them $40,000 annually.

5. The concrete used in the Hoover Dam is still drying, and it’s estimated that it won’t be completely dry for a few hundred years.

4. Donald Duck comics were once banned in Finland because he doesn’t wear pants.  Quack!

3. The majority of earth’s oxygen is naturally produced in Russia.

2. It is illegal in the UK to stand within 100 yards of a ruling Monarch if you are not wearing socks.

1. About 25% of the total land mass of Los Angeles is committed to cars.

Ok….more more:  There is enough fuel in one full tank of gas in a jumbo jet, to drive an average car around the world FOUR times.

Are you amazed yet?  If not, here’s one last attempt:

Don’t be offended if someone from Tibet sticks his tongue out at you.  This is a cultural sign of a greeting.


Budapest-Day 3

Friday, October 15th, 2010

As we head down the homestretch of our Central Europe tour, we begin our next to last full day with an opportunity to see many Budapest attractions.  Today we explored both the Buda and the Pesht side, viewing Parliament (“Look kids…Parliament!”), and the Danube River running thought the heart of Budapest.  Our morning tour concluded with a walk around Fisherman’s Bastion, overlooking Budapest and lovely Danube River bridges; the Castle and many renovated architectural gems and great examples of Art Nouveau.

This afternoon, we offered some free time to participate on some casual sightseeing excursions or to just chill out on your own. Those who still wanted more had the opportunity to visit the many museums including the mesmerizing Museum of Terror, the Fine Arts Museum or the Museum of Decorative Arts.  Or, as you can expect, many folks ventured out and shopped til they dropped in the Central Market.

Tonight we headed back to the Great Synagogue of Budapest for Shabbat Services followed by dinner at Kogart Restaurant, a “Top 10” on the lists of things to do in Budapest.  The restaurant is an elegant blend of traditional & contemporary and is located on the ground floor of one of Andrássy út’s beautiful old villas.

(photo: This is the Hungarian equivalent of our Statue of Liberty. It commemorates the “liberation” of Hungary from Germany by the Soviets)