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Mama Mia!! Its Greek to me!

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Why do so many people feel drawn to Greece?  Perhaps its the history of the land that has given us the Acropolis and Delphi and Olympia places that have been attracting tourists for 200 years since the days of Lord Elgin. Could it be the lure of the Greek Islands: Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Paros, Naxos and Rhodes, with their beautiful beaches, restaurants, nightlife and archaeological sites? Or, the lesser known islands like Sifnos, Lesvos, Kea that have always been attractive to those looking for a more quiet escape. Maybe it is the call of the Peloponessos with its high mountains and beautiful coast, its rich history and the seaports of Gythion and Napflionwhich have sent sailors all over the world for centuries. Could it be the Greek food (where, by the way, they just call it a “Salad”)? Or, could it be the weather in Greecewhere there are 300 days of sunshine per year…or the spiritual quality of places like Meteora where centuries old monasteries crown giant rocks.

As Amazing Journeys embarks next week on our Jewish singles cruise through the Greek Islands, as well as Turkey, Cyprus and Israel…we would like to share a wonderful resource with you on Greece.   Our friend Matt Barrett is a self taught (and totally indulgent) Greece Travel Consultant who writes about what he knows and enjoys. He has written and published many articles and guides on Greece including:  Athens Survival Guide, Greece Travel Guide, Greek Island Guide, History of Greece, Lesvos: More Than Just Another Greek Island, and Greek Food Guide.

His website is and here you can find a layman’s collection of everything about Greece you’d like know but were afraid (or didn’t know) to ask.  For those of you heading to Greece, either with Amazing Journeys or otherwise, Matt’s website can provide you with a head start on finding the perfect restaurant or to decide on what genre of cuisine you will allow yourself to be tantalized by. There are even some hints on what to eat and how to order it. (exerpt: “Fish and meats are fresh for grilling . It’s not like Mexican. Nothing is so spicy you can’t eat it and the seasonings they use are the very same ones you have on the spice shelf in your kitchen. And unlike the crappy oil that terrorizes the hearts of many Americans, the Greeks use Olive oil is which is good for you…”)

From Matt’s website you can even view some video clips, learn a little history, and read some stories about holidays & festivals, places to go hiking, and even Rembetika music -the music of the Greek Underground. 

 Matt can be e-mailed directly at