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Celebrity Cruises Launches New ‘Captain’s Club’ Program

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

Celebrity Cruises recently announced an enhanced Captain’s Club loyalty program.  Guest feedback helped define the new program features, which include two new, additional levels of status and rewards beyond the existing “Elite” level, which is the highest level of membership in the brand’s current four-tiered program.

Effective on sailings commencing after November 25, 2013, the new Captain’s Club will offer a six-tier program. The Club’s current levels of  “Preview,” “Classic,” “Select” and “Elite” will remain, with two new tiers — “Elite Plus” and “Zenith” — each with their own unique set of benefits and privileges.

Members who achieve the new Elite Plus status will receive an even higher level of recognition and broader benefits, including additional beverage and specialty dining discounts, complimentary 200-minute Internet packages, complimentary cappuccinos, lattes and more.

Members who achieve Zenith status will receive benefits and perks befitting this ultimate level of membership, such as access to Michael’s Club Lounge (available fleetwide in 2014), a complimentary premium alcoholic beverage package, complimentary laundry, a 1,600-minute Internet package, and other benefits.

Celebrity’s guests now can accelerate their progression through the loyalty tiers with a new Club Points system which recognizes the stateroom category as well as the days spent onboard. Members’ previous cruise credits will be automatically converted into Club Points, and members will retain all of the benefits they earned in the program to-date – with no expiration. In many cases, guests may automatically become charter members of Celebrity’s new Elite Plus or Zenith tier. It is important to note that no current members will lose any of the benefits they have come to expect and enjoy today.

Another new enhancement is the ability to quickly access special pricing exclusively for Captain’s Club members through the Captain’s Club portal on the Celebrity Cruises website. By simply entering their name and Captain’s Club member number on the site, they can instantly see available loyalty pricing.

“At a time when many loyalty programs are cutting back on benefits or making it more difficult to redeem rewards, we’re thrilled to do just the opposite,” said Celebrity’s Director of Loyalty Lee Moreau. “Guest loyalty is the cornerstone to any successful business, and that’s why, at Celebrity Cruises, we make our guests the center of our attention.  We hope this reinvigorated program will even more vividly show our guests how much we appreciate their loyalty, and allow us to welcome them back onboard even more frequently.”

Original source:  CelebrityCruises

4 Tips on How to get that First Class Upgrade on your next flight

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

First-class upgrades used to be given away almost at the whim of the gate agent when the seats were undersold. Those days are gone for the most part, and you are much less likely to get a free upgrade simply for dressing nicely or having a pleasant demeanor. Fortunately, upgrades are still available, but nowadays they require more planning than charm.

Departure Time

First-class cabins are much more likely to be full when business people tend to be traveling. By flying at alternate times, you are much more likely to encounter an empty first-class cabin with upgrades available. Consider flying on midday or late-evening flights when there are fewer business travelers on board. Saturdays and holidays are also great times to avoid the business fliers, increasing your chance of an upgrade.


If you have a title or an important position in politics, business, academia, a religious institution or some other organization, you can increase your chance of getting an upgrade. Consider adding an OSI (Other Significant Information) message to your PNR (booking record) with your travel agent. The OSI will say if you are a CIP (commercially important passenger,) increasing your chance of getting an upgrade.


Customer Loyalty

Airlines court customer loyalty, and if you show yourself to be a loyal customer you might be rewarded with free upgrades. Take all of your flights with the same airline whenever possible and join that airline’s frequent flier club. Read the frequent flier emails and keep an eye open for free upgrade deals. As you accumulate frequent flier miles, you might qualify for free upgrades at certain flight times or for first-class upgrades at a discounted rate.

Gate Agent

Free upgrades are far less common than they used to be, and many airlines are more likely to sell upgrades to coach passengers than to give them away outright. It never hurts to ask, though, and a gate agent is the best person to ask for an upgrade. The gate agent has a fair bit of discretion in seating passengers. Wait until he or she is not busy and politely ask if there are any free upgrades available. If there aren’t, ask what upgrade deals are offered for the flight.