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Jewish Singles Add New Meaning to ‘Going Out’

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February 5, 2014

Over the years, Amazing Journeys has taken over 10,000 Jewish passengers across all seven continents to places once only dreamed of. Together they’ve gone jet boating in New Zealand, hot air ballooning in Australia, white water rafting in Alaska, snorkeling in the Caribbean, zip-lining in Costa Rica, parading at Carnaval in Rio, biking in Europe, trekking in Antarctica and off-roading in Iceland.

They’ve seen the Statue of David, the Sydney Opera House, the massive Alaskan glaciers, the Great Wall of China, The Grand Canal in Venice and The Grand Canyon itself.

They’ve been kissed by dolphins, cuddled by koalas, snorkeled with sea lions, swam with the stingrays, observed the birth of a buffalo and waddled with penguins.

Best of all, these journeys have served as the introduction for over 140 “happily ever after” individuals who, for obvious reasons, won’t be seen on an upcoming Jewish singles Amazing Journey.

So how did all of this get started? According to Malori Asman, President of Pittsburgh based Amazing Journeys, it was in 1993 upon seeing the need to provide travel opportunities for single travelers.

She presented the idea of Singles Cruising to a local organization. The idea took off and over 130 cruises and tours have been successfully operated, leaving thousands of past passengers, “hungry for more.”

Malori says, “The best part about our singles tours is that, besides providing travelers with unique travel experiences, passengers tell me they have made lifelong friends with people they met on our trips.”

Malori is extremely proud of the more than 70 marriages that had their beginnings on an Amazing Journey. But what is the most adventurous thing Malori has ever done?

“Well, for one, ice swimming in Antarctica in 30 degree waters. There was even a penguin swimming next to us!”

Malori says, “We have seen so many amazing Jewish sites as well. From magnificent synagogues in Sydney, Australia to Budapest, Hungary to a third century synagogue in the heart of Barcelona, we live Judaism through our own eyes, not just what we read in a book.

“We have seen Auschwitz in Poland with a scholar and met real people who were taken away from their homes in the Kinder Transport and made their way back to the Czech Republic to tell their story to the next generation. We have shared Shabbat with fellow Jews in Cost Rica and Northern Ireland. In many cases, we have brought back Judaism to places where it had been extinct.”

So where does Amazing Journeys go from here? Simply put – everywhere!

They are offering a trip to Morocco, where you will experience the Sahara Desert on camels and share Shabbat with the Chazin of Marrakesh. They are venturing to Spain, France and Italy where you can sample pizza, make perfume and taste tapas.

They are on their way to Spitsbergen in the Arctic Ocean (the most northern place one can live on planet earth) to meet the polar bear population. And they are taking a group on a Jewish Heritage River Boat Cruise to see firsthand, the history, culture and heritage of our people.

So pack your bags and your sense of adventure and check out some of the truly amazing journeys that are being offered. You never know what you may discover in your own country or on the other side of the world.

For more information on Amazing Journeys’ upcoming trips, visit their website at or call them at (412) 571-0220.

February 5, 2014  /SPECIAL FOR THE AJT/

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