Do ya Do ya Do ya Do ya Wanna Dance (and tap your toes...and smile...and sing along)? - Amazing Journeys

Do ya Do ya Do ya Do ya Wanna Dance (and tap your toes…and smile…and sing along)?

Aug 29, 2012

Amidst all the stresses of leisure travel, the industry is booming at levels not seen since pre 9/11.   Why?  Because the tribulations outweigh the trials. (At least they are supposed to.)   The thrills of venturing off to another place for “a change of scenery”…a “break in the action”…some “R & R”….”downtime”, or whatever you want to call it, is a natural yearning in the DNA of most people living in the civilized world.  As much as we have, we need a break from it from time to time.

So, what does all this have to do with the title of this week’s post?  Well….it became a thought, after watching the following youtube video, that travel is so special in so many ways. It really is what you make of it. Things go wrong (lost luggage), there are stresses (rushing to make a flight connection) and there are premature moments of early onset vacation-itis (did I remember to close the garage door)….but in the end, whever you go and whatever you do can be amazing, if that’s what you want to make of it. 

This awesome video shows you one man’s journey around the world, making the most of it by meeting thousands of people…by just dancing.  Now I invite you to sing along, tap your toes, (just try not to smile)…and dance with us, all around the world:

(…and then for even more smiles, check out the outtakes)

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