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Noah Eubanks

Some people are just born to travel. Noah is one of those people. It started on the beaches of California where, at a young age, his grandmother took him to visit the ocean. Not only did he fall in love with the ocean, but the curiosity of what else was out there grew with time. After graduating with a degree in Exercise Physiology and Physical Therapy and a minor in enjoying life, Noah quickly realized that he could use his education anywhere in the world. Nowadays, you can find Noah running the streets of Berlin. He is an athlete of all sorts, but has found a new passion in endurance sports like Triathlon and Running.

Since living in Europe, he has explored many interesting places with friends, including the Highlands of Scotland, the beaches and islands of Spain, the mountains of South Germany and more. When he isn’t traveling or wandering the world, the majority of his time is spent in fitness. He does Personal Training and Group Training, Swim Technique, Running technique, Marathon prep., etc. “Berlin is a massive city, but everyone is so nice and the community here has really welcomed me.”

Noah has not seen all of the world, but definitely plans to try!

“I love meeting new people; because no matter where you go, people make the place!”

Best piece of travel advice?

“The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see.” -G.F. Chest.
Be spontaneous and flexible. If you’re on your own in a foreign country, be smart, but allow yourself to become a part of the world you have just jumped into!

Most unusual local cuisine tasted?

I was in Israel and had the luxury of eating with a local Moroccan-Jewish family. They had a massive barbecue and served chicken heart kabobs – they were amazing! If I could cook them the way they did, I would eat it every day.

What is the most adventurous thing you have done?

I got lost in France. I needed to get from Marseille, (in the south of France) to Avignon (slightly more northwest). So I checked my map and  without knowing a word of French I hitch hiked, caught trains and wandered my way there. If I had to go back, I would do it all again. All of the people I met and the stories I can tell from the experience are priceless.

Where are you dying to go?

I would love to go swimming in the hot springs of Iceland. Possibly naked if it is allowed, but not totally necessary for enjoyment purposes! Hey, if you’re gonna be a free spirit, might as well do it totally free, right?